Law Dictionary


A subpoena is generally understood as written order by a government agency (usually the court), to compel testimony or production of evidence from a party in the case, or a th......... more »

Motion to Compel

A motion to compel is a request upon the court to get the opposing party or a third party to take action.  These are generally filed when a party that is requesting informati......... more »

Civil Procedure

Civil procedure is generally defined as the body of law that sets out the standards and/or rules that courts must follow when adjudicating a civil lawsuit.  This only refers ......... more »


Discovery refers to the pre-trial phase in case where both Guam attorneys may attempt to gather evidence that they can present to a trial judge.  From there the trial judge d......... more »


This is generally described as the official court-allowed taking and recording of the oral testimony of a witness outside of the court.  Depositions are usually performed by ......... more »

Inadmissible Evidence

This means that evidence cannot be allowed to be presented to a judge or jury.  The reasoning for this is that if does not meet the state or federal (or military) requirement......... more »

Hearsay Rule

This term is related to admissible and inadmissible evidence.  There is a general rule that quotes from a witness not present in the court are inadmissible forms of evidence.......... more »

Admissible Evidence

Admissible evidence is evidence that is allowed by the trial judge to be used in court.  This is evidence that can be presented to the judge and/or jury that is considering t......... more »

Administrator Ad Litem

This is the person appointed by the Guam probate court to be the representative for the estate, in the case of a lawsuit. In Latin, Ad litem roughly translates to "during t......... more »