Guam law requires a written will and an appointed administrator to distribute an estate.  I strongly encourage estate planning in advance, to ensure that your end-of-life wishes are carried out in a manner you desire.

Expertise and experience are important when it comes to estate planning.  It takes an attorney that is well-versed in local law, and has experience with land and assets which are common on Guam.  Over the past decade I have helped families on Guam with estate planning, Last Will and Testaments, and financial trust creation.

To ensure that the probate process goes smoothly, it’s important that you feel comfortable in sharing all the details of your unique family situation.  Leaving out seemingly unimportant details has the potential to cause undue strife during the distribution phase.  Because of this, I spend a good amount of time listening and talking with you.  After I understand your family situation, and the intricacies of your wishes, I’m able to advise you on an estate plan that is catered to your unique needs.    Contact me.