Domestic and family-related issues are challenging, emotional, and complicated.   I simplify the process by making sure that you are aware of and understand all of your options.  I have experience with a range of domestic issues including:  divorce, separation, community property, community debt, adoption, guardianships, custody, and child support.

As a Guam divorce lawyer, I have handled contested & uncontested divorce cases with different scenarios:  unfaithful partner, one partner wants to protect their assets, or doesn’t want to assume the other party’s debt, etc.  The ideal situation is an uncontested divorce where both parties have reached an agreement of terms.

I have handled cases involving child custody, temporary separation, abuse, adultery, as well as mental and physical cruelty.  In matters involving children, their best interest is taken into account and is the top priority for all involved.

Also specialize in military divorces in Guam.

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