Today is a very exciting time on Guam with many business opportunities for all. Over the last few years, businesses from around the world have opened offices and business entities here on island. Guam laws concerning the formation of businesses must be taken into account whether you are hiring your first employee, forming a new corporation or partnership, or launching into partnership with a large firm. I have worked with Guam corporations of many different industries: oil shipments, transportation of goods, heavy and light metals, recycling, wholesalers and retailers, etc. I can assist you with forming a corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or other partnership, contracts, real estate, employment and hiring practices, commercial transactions, immigration, bankruptcy, tax law, liability and any other business related concerns that you may have. It's important for Guam businesses owners to find a lawyer familiar with both federal requirements and Guam’s local business laws. For a free consultation, please fill out the form to the right or contact us (click here).
I have experience with a variety of Criminal Defense issues including: - DUI (driving under the influence) - Expungement of criminal record - Felony cases - Misdemeanor cases - Family violence - Theft or burglary - Federal cases My first priority in criminal cases is to ensure that your rights are protected. Whether it is your first offense, a minor misdemeanor, or a felony case, I make sure that you understand the options and the risks. I listen. I take your calls. I fight to protect my client’s rights and interests. contact us (click here)
Domestic and family-related issues are challenging, emotional, and complicated.   I simplify the process by making sure that you are aware of and understand all of your options.  I have experience with a range of domestic issues including:  divorce, separation, community property, community debt, adoption, guardianships, custody, and child support. As a Guam divorce lawyer, I have handled contested & uncontested divorce cases with different scenarios:  unfaithful partner, one partner wants to protect their assets, or doesn’t want to assume the other party’s debt, etc.  The ideal situation is an uncontested divorce where both parties have reached an agreement of terms. I have handled cases involving child custody, temporary separation, abuse, adultery, as well as mental and physical cruelty.  In matters involving children, their best interest is taken into account and is the top priority for all involved. Also specialize in military divorces in Guam. contact us (click here)
Guam Land issues are often more complicated than they first appear with hidden fees, zoning issues, and survey requirements.  I handled various land issues over the years including land returns, deeds, land sales, quiet title actions, family land disputes, survey of property, condemnation and federal excess lands (federal returned lands). Over 1000 acres of federal excess land have been returned to the original landowners, and the majority of the cases must go through the probate process. When searching for a Guam real estate lawyer, it's important that the prospect have extensive experience in local land laws and federal excess proceedings.  It also helps if they specialize in Guam real estate law, as real estate law is very complex and takes years to develop expertise in. Contact us (click here)
Over the past several years of practice as a Guam attorney, I handled a variety of simple to complex probate cases such as disputes, contested wills, and creditor claims.  Probate cases are used to replace the name of a deceased individual with that of the rightful heirs.   The Guam law requires a written will and an appointed administrator to distribute an estate. I guide clients through the probate process after the loss of a loved one.   I strongly encourage people to think about their end-of-life wishes and to begin estate planning, writing a will, or utilizing deeds. If you need help with the probate process or if you are ready to develop an estate plan or will, please fill out the  Courtesy Evaluation form at left for a free consultation, or contact us (click here).