This is the person appointed by the Guam probate court to be the representative for the estate, in the case of a lawsuit.

In Latin, Ad litem roughly translates to “during the litigation”.

This only occurs if:

  • There was no executor/administrator for the estate named during the Guam estate planning phase
  • The Executor or Administrator is deemed to have a conflict of interest


A father dies and leaves most of his assets to the oldest son.  He also makes the oldest son the executor-administrator of the estate.  The younger son believes that his older brother applied improper duress upon the father when he was in his dying days to modify his Last  Will & Testament to favor the older son.  Because, in this case, the older brother is believed to have a conflict of interest in this probate litigation, a replacement Administrator ad litem is appointed by the court to represent the state while the lawsuit is underway.